Welcome to the Deep Feminine Mystery School

Devoted to the Resurrection of Lost Feminine Wisdom through Poetry, Art, Teachings and Conversation

“The Body and Heart don’t want to witness the moment.
They have no need to detach from this world.
The Body and Heart rejoice in their entanglements with life.
For they long to be touched and tasted and known.

They have no need to observe.

The Body and Heart only want to Make Love.
— Maya Luna

Maya Luna is an Oracular Poet and teacher of Feminine Wisdom. 

She teaches online and worldwide and is the creator of the Deep Feminine Mystery School. 

Her work focuses on the resurrection of lost Feminine wisdom and the dimension of Reality she calls the Deep Feminine Current.

She offers through the vessel of Art, Poetry and Spoken Word, Wisdom Teachings and Embodiment Practices focused on reconnecting humans to the Deep Feminine.

The Deep Feminine Is...

~Sacred Immanence~

Sacred Immanence is the Holy Presence that dwells inside of all of creation. 

Some call her Goddess

The Deep Feminine Current of Reality

We enter this presence through the vessel of our body receiving and meeting this moment.

We meet the sacred spark at the core of who we are and the core of the heart of existence.

~Holy Incarnation~

There is only one you and will only ever be one you until the end of time. 

Your incarnation is a unique finger print and story. 

The realm of Incarnation and Impermanence contains within its soul-body, an organic intelligent design. 

These wisdom codes are here to teach us how to live in synchronicity with our unique mythos and design. 

And to embrace the full spectrum of the wild, tender, unknowable Mystery that it is to 

Be Alive 

The Deep Feminine Current is the alive pulse of existence that flows through all of creation, weaving through the eco-system of all relations.

It is an intelligent presence of Deep Love that is holding you, holding me and holding everything in this world of holy forms. 

Entering this current takes us into intimacy with Life and the Truth of our belonging to Life. 

She is Home